Unrivaled Healing Stones

by Men of Zen USA on April 08, 2020

Crystal healing has evolved greatly over time. In the ancient eras, crystal healing was believed to be effective, particularly because human beings relied on the earth for sustenance, medicine included. With the invention of medicine and innovations in technology, however, crystal healing declined. This has however changed as people realized the value of energies, frequencies and vibration from the earth, some of which emanate from fire, stones, plants, and even animals. Crystal healing has since changed to be recognized as a pseudoscientific alternative way to mitigate illnesses. Stones and crystal are used some of which are opals, jasper, obsidian, quartz and amber. 

The essence from stones brings our body, spirit and mind to peace by cleansing them of any prior blockages or negativity. They can be placed in a room, carried along as we roam, or worn as ornaments. Whichever way, when placed on the body to align its vibration with theirs, they naturally heal, restoring back positive energy. They also reconnect the body with consciousness, transforming the way we think, and thus the way we act. To choose the right type of stone, a specialist has to be consulted, or simply inquire from resources to familiarize oneself with various types of stones and what they are used for. 

When it comes to immunity, there are a couple of stones that best help boost the bodies natural way of fighting disease, and restoration of good health. Coming in different colors, shapes, sizes and patterns they include Amber, Amethyst, Calcite and more, all of which will be discussed. Choosing which one is best for a particular individual relies solely on intuition. The body is able to pick out what it needs to boost its immunity. Moreover, in order to harness their full potential, one can combine a couple of crystals to harness different energies and healing vibrations.

One of the most effective healing stones, the Amber crystal is renowned for fighting fevers and infections, especially in children. Since these mostly have to do with the upper respiratory tract, the crystals are usually placed on the neck or wrists to help heal bacterial infections and cool down temperatures. The bright orange color is a symbol of warmth, and Lumosity, which associates it to children who are very cheerful. The stone is sure to restore health and vitality, restoring immunity.

The Amethyst crystal is yet another immunity booster and it does so by cleansing infected organs in the body as well as relieving stress. Commonly known as the ‘tranquilizer’, this stone treats tension, fear, insomnia, anxiety and any form of mental afflictions. It is also able to maintain intestinal flora at the right amounts to ease digestion. This is undoubtedly a very strong source of vibration for the body’s nervous system and is able to restore emotional wellbeing, a prerequisite for immunity to be restored. 

Jasper brings tranquility and protection. It gives the body a sense of wholeness by promising future health and protection. Commonly referred to as a ‘supreme nurturer’, the jasper stone is a source of positive energy and physical strength. It is thought to increase one’s zeal for life, with the promise of being healthy for the future. The Obsidian is also known as the mirror stone. It’s a spiritual stone meant to revive self-worth by reflection into oneself. It relieves emotional distress and psychological trauma.

Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine stones and is believed to dissolve harmful toxins in the body, thereby defeating infection. The Hematite, on the other hand, is a sign of balance. It is iron-rich and therefore earned the name ‘bloodstone’. In healing, it is mainly associated with blood circulation which translates to the heart and pumping system. It also cleanses the blood thereby releasing toxins.

Another stone, the Aquamarine is believed to be effective in defeating very strong immune system reactions. The stone is the epitome of strength and resilience. It, therefore, cures allergies, asthmas and sinus infections. This stone is used in conjunction with the Emerald stone. And together they fight allergic reactions and viral infections like the flu. 

Finally, Calcite is a stone with lots of calcium. It is common knowledge on the uses of calcium in the bones and teeth. Just like so, this stone is considered a framework for the immune system. By increasing calcium’s absorption, it helps the body build its tenacity against stress and disease. It brings whole-body well being. 

There are many stones to boost and revive immunity, but these ones stand out for the critical role they play in the body. To choose which one would be suitable would be a matter of intuition or target illness. One thing for sure, these crystals and semi-precious stones can be trusted to deliver!