Bracelets for Spiritual Guidance

by Men of Zen USA on November 14, 2018

Wearing bracelet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep the belief on you. Historically, some of the first bracelet may not have been for adornment at all -- there is reason to believe that it was intended to protect the wearer.

What is a Mala?

A mala is often referred to as "prayer beads" or "Buddhist rosary."

A mala is a sacred tool used traditionally to count breaths while meditating, the number of times a mantra (prayer) is recited, or counting prostrations in Buddhism. They are worn as a bracelet to accompany meditation practice. A tassel is often attached to the beads, some are adorned with talismans or amulets depending on one's personal preference or tradition.


What are the benefits of using Mala Bracelet?

Most people do not consciously notice and know this, but our psychological monkey minds have crazy lives of their own. They are so identified as that very mental process instead of the silent witness of it all.


It is precisely here where the mala beads shine, as they allow your mind to become focused by aligning your conscious attention and tactile sensations with meaningful words, sounds or breaths.


The benefits of using malas listed below are some of the most interesting ones:

  • Potentially cleanse the “108 marma points” in your body.
  • Help you become focused and enhancing your self-awareness.
  • Help in healing depending on what material the beads are made out of and your own unique relationship with it.
  • Help you stick to your sense of purpose in life by teaching you to stay disciplined, humble and adherent to practice.
  • Help your pranayamic practice by slowing down respiration, which in turn can lead to overall health.
  • Replace negative thought patterns with positive ones through japa mantric meditation.



Wear your Mala the Way You Want It

Whether you wish to wear the mala beads as a meaningful reminder of your highest intention and wish in life or as an spiritual aid in your meditative practice, mala bracelets can be quite beneficial both mentally and spiritually.

Always remember that you are the biggest influencer on how mala beads work for you. If you’re wearing mala bracelets on your right hand because you were told to, but it throws your chakra off and makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re better off moving it to the left.

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