A Man’s Guide in Choosing A Bracelet

by Men of Zen USA on November 14, 2018

Like any jewelry, bracelets are part of a stylish man’s wardrobe.

The make of the bracelet will depend on the outfit you like to wear.  If your wardrobe tends more toward wrap pants and tropical shirts then leather, rope, and bead sorts of bracelets with a rough-edged, natural look will definitely look awesome. If you’re in a suit and tie on the regular, something metallic and upscale looking is a natural fit.

In both cases, always remember that the role of the bracelet is the same: it’s emphasizing your overall look. Like a lot of good accents, it play as a sort of social “proof” that you mean to look the way you do. You’re not just some guy who put a suit on because you had to — you’re a guy who’s taken the time to make a suit look good, and the bracelet helps make that clear.


Here I will take you through the popular bracelets that will look cool on men’s wrist.

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets radiate coolness and style when done right. Solid or braided, the leather bracelets are a classic punk style. It is great for casual days and look great when paired with watches.


Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are also a great alternative to add to your casual wear. Brown, Black and other natural colors go well with a wide variety of clothing. You should choose smaller rounded beads that will mix well with a wide variety of outfit and watches.


Anchor Bracelets

Anchor bracelets comes in a broad range of colors. It will perk up your casual outfit and definitely make a fashion statement. They can be used to enhance the visual appeal of clothing in a way that a metal wrist gear cannot. Many men prefer to wear an anchor bracelet because the cord and the clasp are very slim and lightweight.


Rope Bracelets

If you want smart yet classic look, then the rope bracelets are for you. Go with more mature design and opt for thinner options that are not bulky. Your bracelet should add a simple touch to your attire. Great woven versions can be difficult to find, but if you are in doubt, just remember that darker colors are more secure and work favorably as a staple for your casual wardrobe. Brighter patterns can also be fun for casual wear.